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Jean-Marc Dedeyne TEDx Speaker | Author | Coach to Expat Execs & Entrepreneurs who Want to Discover, Embrace & Fulfill their Higher Purpose.

“When we stop waiting for what we think life owes us, and start looking for what life and God are expecting from us, our lives become more meaningful and our outcomes are enriched with divine purpose” Jean-Marc Dedeyne
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What Did They Learn From My Talk?

“I am a firm believer in trusting my gut feeling and listening to my little voice. But Jean-Marc demonstrated throughout his story why our inner voice is so important in our lives. As he was delivering his powerful message at TEDxFortdeFrance, I dived into his personal journey and felt a high degree of empathy for him. The experience was so intense that he gave me goose bumps. Ultimately I understood the universal meaning of his message. At the end of his speech, I felt light and free. I highly recommend Jean-Marc for your next speaking event.”


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Martinique 

“I I had the great opportunity to attend the first TEDx Fort-de-France in December 2015 where I listened to Jean-Marc Dedeyne's speech for the first time. Jean-Marc's speech “the little voice” was heart moving. It was for me the possibility to be in remembrance. Nowadays, we have a tendency to be so into our business, our work that we are not listening to our little voice. Jean-Marc had the ability to introduce us to his world. Indeed, Jean-Marc's speech was so visual so colorful that we immersed in the story. His truthful story about how he personally discovered his little voice and he's actually living according to it, was moving.”


Leadership Coach

“Jean-Marc paid a high price the day he chose to ignore the warnings sent by his inner voice. Today, he makes habit of cultivating and listening to the voice within himself to find meanings in life. When I heard his speech, I was touched by his sincerity and the fact that he exudes peace. If you need someone to help you find your life purpose, Jean-Marc Dedeyne is the right person for you.”


Credit Agricole

“I had the chance to watch Jean-Marc Dedeyne perform his inspiring speech on the very first TEDx Fort-de-France. 
Jean-Marc said it out loud what we’ve all experienced once or more times in our lives: that strange power which directs us to the right path – if we let it. He calls it inner voice and reminds us how often we don’t give enough credit to it and choose listen to our conscious minds instead. His powerful speech showed us his road to learn about the existence and finally the importance of this inner voice. Very intense and meaningful speech, talented orator.”


Optima Antilles

“At the very beginning of the TEDxFortdeFrance’s project, I promoted the idea of a more philosophical and spiritual approach to spread new ideas. I am very grateful that Jean-Marc took the necessary steps to share a more spiritual message at the first TEDx’s conference that took place on December 20, 2015 in Martinique. Thanks to him, we ultimately reached our objective. I am also pleased that Jean-Marc faithfully invested time and energy in working with my team and the other speakers. He is a committed and trustful person who draws from his own personal experience and life lessons to eventually speak from a place of deep understanding and empathy.”


TEDxFortdeFrance Project Manager

“Jean-Marc Dedeyne has been a Toastmaster colleague of mine for the past two years.During that time, I have been privileged to experience four of his speeches, as well as numerous meeting roles he has so competently filled. 
Jean-Marc has a wonderful ability to forge an immediate connection with his audience. The messages he shares center around the power within you. When you tap into that power and communicate with your higher power, your life can become so much more relevant and meaningful – anything becomes possible! 
By telling us how to accomplish this, Jean-Marc demonstrates the capacity to motivate and inspire others to take action and control their lives. His speaking style is honest and smooth in its delivery. He speaks with such poise and sincerity, that the listener’s attention is immediately captivated. 
Jean-Marc believes that we are all blessed with beautiful personal attributes and power. I would not hesitate to recommend Jean-Marc as a motivational speaker to inspire people who want to transition towards a more meaningful life of direction, purpose and value.”


The Walt Disney Company

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